Radio Automation System

Today’s distributed operations demand a strong, flexible, and easy-to-use radio automation system to keep stations sounding great around the clock. WO Automation for Radio makes it easy to run multiple markets from any location while addressing the unique needs of every station department. Our solution helps stations manage and broadcast revenue-generating content while reducing operations costs and simplifying workflow.

Keep stations on air and sounding great

Centralized Content Creation
Record, import, edit and convert music for automatic distribution to the right markets.

Real-Time Reconciliation
Reconcile spots as soon as they run or fail to air.

Friendship Functionality
Share content with stations in multiple markets.

Remote Management
Manage operations from any browser. Stay in command when you’re out in the field.

WO Traffic Integration
Integrate with WO Traffic for live log editing, electronic playlist delivery, real-time reconciliation and automatic run date synchronization.

Centralized Playlist Creation and Editing
Instantly change spots, music or other programming elements.

Multi-Market Voice Tracking
Record voice tracks remotely and deliver to any station via a web browser.

Audio Finder
Manage the audio library centrally and search other markets for content.

Customizable Interface
Take control of the user interface with customizable widgets.

Enhanced MusicMaster Integration
Integrate with the leading scheduling solution for intelligent song replacement, real-time reconciliation, advanced music searching and automatic song card creation.

Reduce costs and centralize operations

  • Manage content and playlists remotely for automatic distribution to relevant markets
  • Connect remote systems with “friendship” functionality; instantly change spots, music and other programming elements from anywhere
  • Leverage talent from other markets with multi-market voice tracking
Increase efficiency of stations and groups

  • Automate manual tasks and reduce duplicate data entry with WO Traffic integration
  • Eliminate make-goods and reduce sales reliance on other departments to get ads on the air
  • Edit playlists in real time or use MusicMaster integration to suggest replacement songs that comply with programming rules
Easy to use

  • Enjoy a highly intuitive touchscreen user interface
  • Customize the interface with widgets to your station’s preferences
  • Improve fulfillment of FCC mandates

MusicMaster Integration

February 27, 2015


Playlist Editor

February 19, 2015


Multi-monitor layout

February 19, 2015


Widget-based architecture

February 19, 2015

“I fully rely on WO Automation for Radio to deliver quality programming to listeners, and it consistently delivers.”

— John Soller, Vice President of Engineering for Radio One

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